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A Complete Service for Internal Office Moves across London and Kent

Even when you’re moving within the same building, office moves can be a logistical headache. Here at Stonegrove Group, we provide a complete service for internal office movements in London and Kent.

We can safely and securely remove computer and sever hardware and get your office back up and running as soon as possible. With a dedicated team of technical engineers, you can expect fast and accurate office moves for your computers and other hardware. To discuss your internal movements in London and Kent, contact us today.

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We Can Accommodate Your Specific Needs

Whether you need kitchen appliances installed or lighting fixtures connected, Stonegrove Group can assist you with all your special requirements. We have a team of expert mechanical and electrical engineers on hand and we can also assist with your packaging needs. For offices moves that literally need to go the extra mile, our brand new fleet of logistics vans can handle the job. Our fleet covers an array of sizes to accommodate any furniture or equipment that requires moving.

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